Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking Care of Bidness

I just ordered some business cards for the website ... what do you think about the design?

Sure, being rated "G" might be a little on the sissy side, but the letter "R" isn't exactly prominent in the website title. I probably could have put an ampersand next to the "R" rating and explained on the back of the card how I was too cool for a "G" rating ... but that would have cost extra. And would have been stupid. And I usually get all the stupid I want for free.


  1. Ampersand: &
    Asterisk: *

    Sheesh, I really don't mean my first two posts to your blog be language bitch ones, but I guess that's how things work out sometimes.

    Nice business cards, though.

  2. Here's the ethical dilemma: do I fix the mistake and pretend it never happened, or leave it to further advertise my error in perpetuity?

    Oh, and welcome to the site. Feel free to be as critical as you'd like ...


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