Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Princess Toadstool
Done Me Wrong

Somebody calling themselves NESharmonica has found a novel use for old Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges, beyond the obvious solution of actually playing them: convert the cases into harmonicas.

It seems like a logical progression, especially for anyone who ever had to blow into these things to clean out the dust. Unfortunately, NESharmonica underestimated the demand for geek fetishes and is currently sold out. A note at the website (SEE HERE) mentions that he plans to convert Goonies 2, Top Gun, Duck Hunt, Knight Rider, Wrestlemania, Skate or Die into harmonicas.

The good news is that some intrepid geek has created a tutorial explaining how you can make one of these things yourself.

I want to record an entire album of blues songs using just the NES harmonica. It would be a concept album about a valiant plumber who slays dragons and rescues princesses from giant gorillas. It might even have a snapping turtle or two.

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