Friday, March 19, 2010

Penny Dreadful Books: Dracula

A few of you might be aware that I run a small-press imprint called Penny Dreadful Books. As part of the design process I've always allowed myself a few extra pages in the back of these books just in case I needed to expand the content in some way. Regardless of how the final product played out I always seemed to have a page or two left over and quickly decided to put them to use.

Running as "house ads" in the back of each Penny Dreadful book are pages promoting some sites I like (as well as the other titles in my Penny Dreadful Books line.) Dracula is the next novel in line for publishing (the cover is pictured above) but it won't be available for a few weeks. If you want to a closer look at my other titles, click here.

Below are the house ads appearing in the back pages of Dracula. Links are provided to their respective sites. Check them out!

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