Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better than a movie adaptation

Heavy Metal didn't waste many opportunities to pimp their movie in 1981. While they still published the obligatory issue dedicated to features about the film, in Sept., 1981 they took a slightly different approach to marketing. This issue is almost a calling card for new readers and features a few bits of art from the movie (mostly on the front and back covers,) the first part of a new Den storyline, lots of entirely new art that looks nothing like anything seen in the movie, and scattered criticism.

This issue features an installment of Howard Chaykin's Cody Starbuck story, part of Jim Steranko's adaption of the Sean Connery film Outland (pictured above,) a look at George Romero and "up and coming" horror directors like David Cronenberg, Joe Dante and John Carpenter and lots of other trippy goodness.

You can download the entire issue from Rapidshare HERE.

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