Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zombies, World of Hurt, Chris Brown and other assorted oddities

 Live in Oregon? Swing by The Buzz on Broadway 
and check out their chocolate-bacon Twinkies.

The trailer for Pride & Predjudice & Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After

Stan Lee poses with a fan dressed as one of the few 
Marvel Comics characters he didn't create.

Help make The World of Hurt graphic novel a reality!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Worf is Beautiful

'I am Beautiful' by Joshua & Nathan Flynn from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo.

A short stop motion animated sting created as an introduction for the 'Best Stop Motion' award category of the 2009 University of Glamorgan Glammies Awards. Created and animated by Joshua & Nathan Flynn. This years awards theme was Star Trek. Starring Commander Worf and Cadet 'red shirt' Wilhelm.

"Goodnight, Dune"

Remember that Dune book cover parody of Goodnight Moon that made the rounds a while back? Julia Yu has stepped up and made the book a reality. Head on over to (natch) to get a surprisingly thorough lampoon of Dune.

How thorough? It mentions a no-room, a bit of Dune-related tech that doesn't appear until the fourth book of the series, God Emperor of Dune ... which is my second favorite of the series for those of you keeping score. There will be a test later.

Predator: The Musical

Someone get Julie Taymor on the phone ... NOW!

Free Droid Wallpaper: Watchmen

More free wallpaper for your Android phone.

T-shirt of the Day: Star Wars "Family"

We Are Family, today's custom tee from Tee Fury. It's $10 and is available only until midnight tonight!

Disney's new TRON UPRISING TV series to actually feature Tron

And make sure you stick around for the credits at the end of this trailer. That's one hell of a cast.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T-shirt of the Day: Alien Brew!

Here's another design from Kurt's Shirts. It features the logo of Aspen Beer, the fictional brew enjoyed by the crew of the Nostromo in my favorite movie ALIEN.

Free Droid Wallpaper: Tron Legacy

Finding good wallpaper for your Droid smartphone can be a chore. Most of the wallpaper available at the Droid Marketplace is crap. It might look nice from a distance but, as soon as you install it you find that the content is poorly cropped.

I've been making my own Droid paper for about a year and thought I'd share, starting with a few Tron Legacy images that ought to fit the aspect ratio of the Droid touchscreen. Whether or not you like the selections are another matter entirely ...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Riverdale: R-Rated Archie spoof

WARNING: is not responsible for any post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms you may experience after watching this video. Use only as directed.

Batman Vs TV Censors

Your Barista is Rorshach

A cup of Maxwell House and a Starbuck's Organic Blue Java contain the same number of particles. Structurally, there's no discernible difference. So why the fuck am I paying $8 for a cup of coffee?

Goat-hoof shoes bringing sexy back

I can't explain why, but I think these are really cool. 

T-shirt of the Day: Rom: Spaceknight!

Rom: Spaceknight is among the kick-ass
retro-style shirts available at Kurt's Shirts.

(Even More) Fun with Imperial Walkers!

Herbie the Love Bug AT-AT Walker is among the Star Wars-themed AT-AT redesigns over at Among the designs are AT-ATs "painted" to resemble the A-Team van, the Scooby Doo "Mystery Machine" and the General Lee (though I think they missed an opportunity to fit in a General Grievous reference with that one.)
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