Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keaton gets some long-overdue respect (Part 2)

WARNING: This statue will beat your other statues to a pulp, shove a bundle of dynamite down their pants and/or set them on fire with the exhaust from the Batmobile (sold separately.)

It's about time Michael Keaton gets a little high-quality love for his portrayal of Batman. A lot of the merchandise created for those first two Batman films was a subpar and the marketing machine for franchise was pretty quick to forget that Keaton was the Sean Connery of the series.

This statue is handpainted, coldcast in porcelain and stands about 13.5 high. It's due out on October which, coincidentally, is when the first Batman movie was released on home video. Now that I think about it the movie takes place in October, as well, since a deleted scene shows that the final scene is on Halloween.

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