Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you as cool as
you think you are?

I'm conducting a little personality experiment and invite you to watch.

There's sometimes a gulf between the music we say we like, and the music we actually listen to. It's fairly common that we don't even know that gulf exists until someone calls us on our bullshit, and even then we can deny it.

So I thought I'd activate a Last FM account and try to learn what kind of music I really like to listen to. And you're welcome to watch, if you're into that kind of thing.

Now that this information is public I suspect it's going to become an issue of will power as I struggle not to listen to something like, I don't know ... the Annie soundtrack. Or ABBA. Or even Kiss, who I have a long standing love-hate relationship with. Regardless, I expect people who have known me for years will see a few surprising names on the list.

Since last night my Last FM account has been "scrobbling" the artists, albums and songs that I listen to. So far, there aren't many surprises beyond the appearance of Sleater-Kinney sitting at the top of my "most listened to" artists. Which is cool, but even I'm a little surprised.

If anyone out there uses Last FM and wants to do the whole social networking thing, feel free to drop me a line. There's a standing link in the rail, or ...

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