Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jaws 3-D Theater ... DAY 1

I've been scanning some classic trading card this week, which I plan to share here soon. On my stack of crazy crap to scan was a complete set of Jaws-3 cards. Let's face it, though ... the movie is crap.

But it's not unredeemable crap. You remember how the backs of old trading cards were filled with puzzles, on-going story narratives and lots of other stuff nobody really cared about? The cards for Jaws 3 were one of the rare exceptions where the backs of the cards were more fun than the fronts.

On the back of each card in this series was 3-D line art re-telling the movie in a way that was actually interesting. Each pack of cards came with a miniature set of 3-D glasses.

If you're hanging around this site, odds are you've got access to a set of red/blue 3-D glasses. Go get them and check out the first installment of Jaws 3-D Theater!

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