Saturday, March 27, 2010

RIP: Dick Giordano

 Comicbook artist and editor Dick Giordano has passed away. Rather than eulogize about someone I never met (though we attended many of the same comic conventions) I thought I'd let his peers take the stage. Here's a short round-up of what folks are saying:

I liked reading comics he worked on. I liked working with him, liked seeing how much of a difference he made in so many lives. It was generally a positive one. He was a devout fan of comics in the best possible way and one time when he and I had a very brutal argument over a certain DC policy, we followed it with an utterly-friendly discussion of comic artists we both admired.
- Mark Evanier

I met with Dick several times when I was first getting started in comics, and he was always supportive, friendly and just a good guy to deal with. The older I get, the more I value that in people. It's a rare commodity...

- Mark Verheiden 

A very warn, opinionated, feisty man with a disarming sense of humor and a knowledge of illustration history second to none, Dick suffered through many health difficulties, including asthma, hearing loss, and ultimately leukemia.
- Mike Gold

 Very saddened to read this. 
- John Byrne

Dick was way more than a good inker. He was an encouraging force in the industry who brought in new people and helped nurture them.
- Marv Wolfman

For familiar Dick Giordano work, he was the godfather of the modern inking style. Inked Neal Adams to perfection. 
- Rob Liefeld

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