Friday, March 12, 2010

So happy. So ashamed.

In your typical zombie movie it never takes civilization long to collapse. After a few days of dealing with brain-eating corpses running amok, people usually just stop showing up for work. The mail stops running. Taco Bell starts closing early. Before long you find yourself in a machete fight with a bunch of psychotic bikers who have declared the local Super Wal-Mart to be the capitol of their New Society.

These last few years have been like watching a zombie movie in slow motion, only without all the fun zombie carnage. I've seen book stores and video stores falling one after the other like rows of dominoes and have taken advantage of many a "going out of business" sale. I always feel horrible, but I do it anyway.

Today was no exception. Another nearby video store is closing and put their entire inventory on discount. They're even selling the section signs for $3 each (note to self: go back and buy the "horror" sign.) It was a depressing experience.

To cheer myself up I picked up 10 movies for $39.95. Now, there are a lot of differences between living in a city and living in a rural community ... and they become very apparent in a video store "close out" sale. Inside this video store in the country not a single movie was left on the shelf that featured Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler or Larry the Cable Guy. There were, however, a few pretty interesting titles still available. Here's what I got:

The Perfect Sleep
Tokyo Zombie
Layer Cake
Star Wars: The Clones Wars 1
Star Wars: The Clones Wars 2
The Big Sleep
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Mulholland Drive
Inland Empire

I see a few patterns in this collection of Movies Nobody But Me Wanted. There's a lot of non-American accents and/or subtitles (both are factors in the Star Wars cartoons.) There are few black and white movies. And many are weird, icky indy films that require you to do more than eat popcorn while watching them.

I almost had Oldboy for $4 but balked at buying it when they showed me the surface of the disc. It looked like Ben Grimm had wiped his ass with it.

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