Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aliens: Arcade Flyer

James Cameron might think he's king of the world, but once upon a time he was Sigourney Weaver's bitch.
Cameron and 2oth Century Fox made the mistake of developing Aliens before they signed Weaver to a contract. By the time they realized their mistake it was too late to plan another option, and Weaver jacked them for one of the biggest paychecks an actress had ever received. And she earned every penny, too.

Afterward, it became clear that Fox couldn't afford Weaver for their various spin-off projects. Not only did the "Ripley" who appeared in the Dark Horse comics look little like her, but neither did the later action figures. They even hired another model for the promo shots appearing on the toy art.

The same must have been true for the Aliens arcade game, because the model seen in the game flier above ... well, see for yourself.

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