Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tron Legacy freebies!

UPDATE: If your cell phone has a barcode scanner, use the app to scan the pattern on the badge next to your photo and a URL will appear for the Encom "employee intranet." Or, better yet, just click here:

Use your Encom ID number from the badge and your password from to gain access. You'll find 5 messages waiting for you in your Encom e-mail account. The most recent is from Alan Bradley.


Remember the Arcade Aid viral game that went online last week? Apparently one of the perks of beating the game arrived in the mail today:fake ID badges for Encom employees.

Waiting for me in the mail were no less than three packages, all containing photos IDs attached to a strap with the Encom logo. They're even watermarked with an Encom hologram!

There's a code on the pass you can use to hack the official Encom site at

Among the official info there is the photo to your right of "consultant" Alan Bradley. Is this the first look at his role in the new film?

Not sure why they sent me three IDs, but you won't hear me complain.

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