Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steampunk Star Wars

Here's a link from the Hypno-Pimp: Outland Armor's steampunk Star Wars costumes.
I've seen a lot of steampunk Star Wars art over the years, but most of that was relegated to artwork and custom action figures.  This might be the first devoted effort I've seen to render a steampunk vision of Star Wars via costumes and flesh and blood humans.

I had some problems connecting to the photo albums at their website, but the group's Facebook fanpage has lots of great images. This merry band of outlaws seems to have a sense of humor that is sometimes missing from the various cosplay folks you see at conventions. I once had a guy dressed as a Ghostbuster get all pissy when I took his photo, which wasn't the response I expected.

There's a joke here somewhere involving Outland Armor and the Outlandos d'Amour album by The Police, but damned if I can find it right now.

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