Monday, March 22, 2010

DUNE mega-gigantic
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In 1984 David Lynch swung for the fences. When he hit a triple instead of a homerun the critics decided he might as well not have bothered and credited him instead with an out.

I'm referring to Dune, of course. It's a remarkable movie if, for no other reason, Lynch took a massive, complex novel and distilled it into a 2-hour film without losing the heart of the story. While I've had my ups and downs with the movie over the years, I've grown (again) to love it.

Claims that it didn't make any sense — such as this condescending horseshit from Siskel and Ebert — are ridiculous. I was 12 years old when Dune was released and had no trouble following it. And I wasn't often referred to as a "genius."

That being said, stay away from the extended television cut of Dune. It's ass. Footage was added back to the film without care for narrative, quality or necessity. Lynch had his name rightly removed from that version of the film.

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  1. Nice, but why is John Constantine 'bout to stab a bitch?


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