Friday, March 5, 2010


Here are the final results of the two Star Wars iron-ons I applied this evening. One of the shirts is a half-sleeve baseball tee, which gives it that authentic '70s look.

The Six Million Dollar Man art got slightly mangled in the process. I'm going to take some sandpaper to it this weekend and give it a weathered look. Maybe that way it will look like the damage was on purpose (which it wasn't.) If it works, I'll share.

Note: Mind the washed-out look of the photos ... the transfers were actually bright and sharp. Everything else is the result of a camera app on my phone that I'm currently infatuated with.


  1. Nice! Where did you get the iron ons?

    Oh, and what app are you using? I'm intrigued!

  2. I found scans of the iron-ons at a Flickr account (and the scans were 600 dpi, which was a pleasant surprise.) I cleaned them up in Photoshop and e-mailed them to a local printshop, and they put the images on vinyl transfers for me. I had to trim the white edges off, but it wasn't too difficult. Even for someone as hamfisted as myself.

    As for the camera app, it's called FXCamera and is a free app for Motorola Droid (though it might be available for other phones, too.)

    (I added a comment here about an hour ago, but Blogspot has been kinda wonky with posting these things in a timely manner. So don't be surprised if you see two responses here.)


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