Monday, March 1, 2010

To the Batpoles!

And you thought the casting director of Captain America had problems? Try casting the Batman XXX porno "parody."
Once the lawyers figured out the proper loopholes to exploit the floodgates opened on the concept of Porn Parody. In the last few years we've seen well-financed parodies of The Munsters, Three's Company and 30 Rock. Next up? Batman. But you probably already figured that out.
Considering the various copyright issues with the characters, I can't even imagine who would be the first to try to sue over a venture like this. The ironic thing is that copyright issues are still preventing the original 1960s series from being released on DVD. Go figure.
The photos embedded here have been leaked by various cast members via Twitter over the last week or so. There appears to be some inconsistency in the designs. That, or there are two very similar films currently being shot.

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