Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pop Art? Not exactly

While rummaging through some old boxes I recently came across a collection of book reports written when I was about 8 years old. Most of the reports were two pages, one written and the other illustrated. These are monstrously embarrassing on every imaginable level, so my first instinct was to post them on the Internet. That's the rule, right?

Looking back on some of these book reports I recognized a few desperate attempts at bullshit. A few were written using only info from the back cover of the book and appear to have been hastily completed at the last minute. It didn't appear to have affected the grades any. Thank god for teachers with drinking problems!

Above is the art for my report on Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Though I was only 8, I was drawing at the level of a really smart 4 year old. And I had a way with hands and feet that was positively Liefeld-esque.

I've got a few others to share in coming weeks, including a book report on The Omen. It ought to disturb and delight. Those were my feelings when I re-read it, anyway.

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