Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Unholy Robot Army

Note: I hadn't planned to post this photo for a few weeks, but Reis over at Geek Orthodox has not only been posting some great scans of vintage Star Wars iron-on transfers, but he had a few nice things to say about this site, as well. (If you're reading this there's a chance you already knew that.) Anyway, look closely at the shirt I'm wearing and you'll see the image pictured to your left, which you can find at Geek Orthodox.
— The Creep

Here's a photo of me around the age of 6, plotting my conquest of the Earth with my army of metal monsters. I had Godzilla, too, though he's not seen here. He probably didn't fit the theme, being a giant lizard and all. Never had Mazinga, though.

Quick story about that blue robot sitting next to me in the photo: I LOVED that thing, even more than the Shogun Warriors seen in this pic. It was battery operated, walked and had a built-in death ray (note: I'm totally lying about the death ray.) It also had a moving film strip with a light behind it that played in its chest as it walked. The film strip showed lots of '50s-style sci-fi imagery, the kind of things seen in movies like Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

I mention the robot in order to share this story: there were a couple of kids who lived down the street from me who I had convinced I was an alien. My evidence was this little blue robot, sent here with me to Earth to ... well, I don't think I had a backstory or a plan. I was content to be just be an alien, and the kids (named Mikey and Mindy, if I recall) bought it.


  1. I had that exact same robot, except mine was red and therefore, much more sinister.

  2. The mighty Raydeen! God I loved that toy. I'm gonna go cry now. :(

  3. I think Raydeen was my favorite, too. Thought the yellow blades on his head used to remind me of bananas for some reason ...


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