Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cardboard Fett

Here a case of burying your lede: "How to make a costume cardboard helmet."
Seriously, if you've got Boba Fett in a story you put him in the headline. This is Imperial Journalism 101 stuff.

This is a link from Mark, who first came across these instructions at a German website but was kind enough to forward an English translation. Here the summary from the website:

"Helmets are usually one of the hardest and most expensive parts to make for a cool Halloween costume so here's a simple method I use. The methods I describe can be used to make almost any kind of helmet but I'm showing how to make a Star Wars Boba Fett helmet as an example."
There is a step-by-step guide at the website, as well as photos to walk you through the process. I'm not sure that I've got the patience (or skill set) to accomplish this.

Read more by clicking the quote below.

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