Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anti Christ/Devil's Child

When I was a lad I had an uncomfortable attachment to The Omen movies. It's not something I can explain, really, but when the rest of the class was reading Beverly Clearly, I was reading David Seltzer's adaptation of his own script for The Omen (followed in short order by Joseph Howard's novel for Damien: Omen II and, later the final three Gordon McGill novels. That's not a typo.)

Here are scans of my book report for The Omen. Click on them for a closer look. Don't say I didn't warn you.

These days my feelings about the Omen movies are mixed. I won't get into the reasons why with too much detail, but will say the mythology behind the stories looks hopelessly quaint to my adult eyes. The Exorcist is a much more sophisticated story but I wouldn't see that until I was 13 (and then it was a version edited for television.)

And, for the record, I liked Beverly Clearly just fine, too.

Below is a video of Iced Earth performing their song Damien.

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