Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It took almost 30 years, but Disney and Tron are in love again.
The Mouse House has sunk a lot of time, money and even more money into promoting Tron Legacy, a sequel to a film that didn't fare all that well back in 1982. There was so much amazing horror, fantasy and sci-fi released that year that many a truly great film (Blade Runner, The Thing) bombed miserably.
Disney is willing to take Tron back and give the theatrical underachiever a second chance ... and then some. Here's a description of the latest stunt to promote the renewed romance: ElecTRONica.

Beginning October 8, the interactive, digital world of “TRON: Legacy” will light up Hollywood Pictures Backlot as we gear up for the film’s release on December 17. This will be a cool opportunity to peek inside the world of this movie, and it’s available only to visitors of Disney California Adventure park.
 You can read more about the attraction here. I've got my fingers crossed for the new Tron film. If it fails, it sure as hell won't be from a lack of trying.

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