Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The People vs. Superman

The New York Times has a feature about a Yale exhibit showcasing superheroes and courtrooms. My first thought was that an entire exhibit could be built around Daredevil, alone, but guess what? Neither Matt Murdock nor the Man Without Fear rate a mention. Harvey Dent's name doesn't appear in the story, either. Pfft.

Don't let that get you down, though. While the author's own knowledge of comics appears to be incredibly limited, he doesn't waste any time pointing out that comic creators don't seem to know much about the law. Apparently research is necessary only if you draw funny books.
From the story:
"For starters, the little girl in that Superman cover would have been seated in the witness chair, if in fact taking sworn testimony from a minor in open court was allowed in the Metropolis jurisdiction, and Superman would have been elsewhere in the courtroom. But you probably won’t mind that the creators sacrificed a bit of reality for drama, which is also why, you know, the main character can fly."

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