Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The continuing misadventures of Saucy Jack

The relationship between G33K41F3 and Jack the Ripper is getting a little out of hand.

After a quick blurb back in June about more bullshit Jack the Ripper theories I began to get hit with a lot of Ripper-related traffic, mostly likely from some very, very disappointed people.

How disappointed? Well, imagine if you were Googling the words "jack the ripper porn" and found my site. Which is exactly what somebody did. I have this feeling that Dalek and Batman porn just didn't do it for them (and I try not to think to much about what "it" might entail. I'm going to tell myself it was someone doing research so I don't have to send Igor down to the local medical hospital to fetch me a new brain.)

And here's the really funny part: when you Google "jack the ripper porn" the search engine pulls up G33K4L1F3 as its fourth favorite selection.


In your face, Wikipedia!

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