Friday, September 17, 2010

Build your own Dalek (Genocide not included)

Say you needed a soulless army of killing machines to devastate a neighboring planet. Or, maybe, you were shooting a fetish film that needed that special touch. What would you do?

Most of us would go to and buy whatever killing machine they had on sale, but that's not really cost effective, is it? Any experienced megalomaniac will tell you that world conquest can be done on a budget and that it's sometimes best to create your own army from scratch. That's how the Confederacy of Independent Systems did it. That's how Skynet does it. And it seems to have worked out pretty well so far.

TomR's Media Creations has just the thing to help you get started: DALEK BLUE PRINTS!

The website has a collection of hi-rez scans of a Dalek that illustrate, step-by-step, how to build one yourself.
(Courtesy of the Hypno-Pimp)

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