Monday, September 20, 2010

Bill has been Killed

Back in August, Andrew Wilson offered his readers a free postcard showcasing his original Kill Bill art, which you can see above. Even better, Wilson threw in a few sketch on the back of the postcard! I'm guess there were two version of the card available, because the version I received featured the left-hand portion of the art with Go Go Yubari. To your left is his sketch of one of the Crazy 88 from the back of my postcard. Thanks, Andrew!*

While I'm here, I ought to mention that he's got a book for sale. You can pick up Forgotten Kingdom of Imaginary Friends (a 72-page full color hardcover) by clicking here. You can also get a look at the cover and interior art at that link, too.

*And, if Andrew Wilson reads this: sorry it took so long to give you a shout out. My post card took the scenic route through no fault of yours.

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