Wednesday, September 29, 2010

G33K4L1F3 Goes Dark

I love Halloween. I tend to think of Halloween as Christmas for Geeks, but it's more like a sexier version of Hanukkah because the actual celebration is fairly spread out  (though the costumes usually don't make an appearance until the final day.)

To mark the 30-day holiday I'll be posting lots of horror-related items throughout October. I'll also be introducing a new look to G33K4L1F3 for the month (maybe even a little sooner if I get bored.)

But Halloween is about more than horror. It's about imagination, identity and, in no small part, debauchery. It's a holiday with an ideology that comfortably straddles The Exorcist, Ed Wood, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, Ray Bradbury, Elvira, S&M, rock and roll, comicbooks and even Star Wars.*

Christmas can suck it. As long as I have Halloween, who needs those other holidays?

(*The same could be said for comic conventions.)

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