Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Droid You're Looking For (but probably can't afford)

Motorola has unveiled its limited edition R2-D2 Droid 2 phone, and it's killer.
You can find the full details here. Here are the abbreviated specs.

* 5.0MP camera with auto focus, touch–to–focus, and face detection, panoramic modes, and more.* DVD–D1 Video capture with easy upload to YouTube, slow–motion capture, fast motion capture and more.
* DLNA Wireless sharing of photos, video, and music with other DLNA compatible devices (Server, Controller, Player, Upload and Download)
* Blockbuster Mobile Application for downloading full–length movies the same day they are available on DVD.
* Dedicated Camera Key
* 3G Mobile Hotspot with support for up to 5 Devices
 * Custom, authentic Lucas Films R2–D2 designed Droid 2
* Exclusive "The Best of R2–D2" movie with Original Cantina Music
* Exclusive Empire Strikes Back Binoculars App
* Star Wars Live Wallpapers: Millennium Falcon and Space Slug
* Star Wars Interactive Wallpapers
* TI OMAP 1GHz processor with Dedicated GPU
* 8GB Internal memory for emails, texts, and apps
* 8GB pre–installed microSDcard for music, videos, and pictures (expandable to 32GB)
* Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS with Motorola Application Platform
* Integrated Google , Exchange, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter Contacts
* Usage Time: Up to 575 minutes OR
* Standby Time: Up to 315 hours
* SAR: Head: 1.49 W/kg; Body: 1.50 W/Kg
* Battery: 1400 mAH Li–Ion

Sadly, in order to qualify for the $249 "online price" you have to sign a two-year contract. I've got more than a year left on my contract so old R2 here will be obsolete by the I have to re-up. You'd think these contract issues would be structured in a way that would, you know, encourage people to buy new products instead of creating unnecessary obstacles.

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