Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glenn Danzig: Movie Critic

"We give this movie three sixes." has a treasure trove of old interviews, reviews and general stories about Glenn Danzig's various musical projects over the years. I've been following this page since the days of the old "Misfits Bible" newsletter but still enjoy rooting around the archives to see what kind of stuff I can find.
Here are Glenn Danzig's movie picks from a 1983 issue of Flipside fanzine. Spoiler: he's NOT a fan of Star Wars.

"I don't care what anybody says, this movie was COOL AS FUCK. It's about a little girl who goes to the grave of a Demon-Witch for spiritual support as a troubled kis. Well she's grown up now, it takes her over and she phases in and out of possession, becoming the Coolest Girl-Ghoul since the She-Creature. Besides demonic facial appearance she also has tits that are demon-skulls with razor-sharp jaws that rip out her hubby's chest cavity. Really offbeat, especially the end, which is really weird. See it or ROT."

"This is a long out of circulation H.G. Lewis gem which just started doing midnight stints in N.Y.C. and possibly in your town. It is my personal fave of all H.G.'s movies and besides some sickening GORE you also get one of the most hilarious romps through Blood & Guts you'll ever see. It's about a disfigured killer who goes around mutilating the faces of strippers, cause since the maniacs trajic accident she can no longer strip due to bodily scars. If this comes to your town and you miss it you'll regret it."

"If you're going to this to see "DAWN" because for some strange reason you've never seen it or just for another view "FORGET IT"!!! It's been cut to shit just so it could an R rathing and play with the ultra-boring Creepshow. Has Romero Sold Out? We'll see when the last of the "Living Dead" sequel is out."

"If you liked the "Wizard of Oz" You'll love the Star Wars Saga. Princess Leia is Dorothy, Artoo is Toto, Luke, Han & Chewie are the Scarecrow, TinMan & Cowardly Lion. I HATE Star Wars. Gimme BASKETCASE Anyday."

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