Monday, June 14, 2010

Stacy Dorning

Here's a little something from way back in the G33K4L1F3 vaults: an autographed photo of actress Stacy Dorning.

Dorning is probably best known to American audiences as the star of The Adventures of Black Beauty, which got some airplay on Nikleodeon in the 1980s. She was also on an episode of Space: 1999, and you don't get much geekier than that.

I received this photo thanks to my next-door neighbor from when I lived in England. My neighbor was a retired stage actress and seemed to know everybody.

She was also long-time friends with actor Robert Dorning, who I got to meet backstage at a London theater. He was a really nice guy.

Anyway, his daughter Stacy was on a sitcom called Keep it in the Family at the time (there's a clip above.) Keep it in the Family later hit American televisions as Too Close for Comfort, responsible for giving the world Jim J Bullock.

I think I was nine years old when I got this photo from her in the mail. These days, if actresses were sending me half-naked photos of themselves I'd simply chalk it up to being a super stud. At age nine, though, I was content to be impressed that Dorning had dated the guy who played C-3PO.

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