Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pop Art: Sandman Mystery Theater Part 2

One of the highlights of last weekend's HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C., was meeting Guy Davis. While it's easy for a lot of artists to get jaded with their fans (Brian Bolland spent most of Sunday hiding behind signs warning fans that he wasn't in the mood to autograph comics*) the times I've met Davis I found him warm and talkative.

A little background on this sketch: I've been going back and forth between Davis and Matt Wagner on a single 8X10 page as they've  taken turns drawing characters from Sandman Mystery Theater. Davis was first, followed by Wagner — who drew The Tarantula, the villain from the first story arc.

On Sunday, Davis contributed the third sketch to my "tag team" page of art, which you can see above (I mentioned the original here a few months ago.) After racking my brain last week over which character to ask him to draw, it finally occurred to me that Dian Belmont was the best choice. I don't know who will be next, but Davis has put the ball back in Matt Wagner's court.

(* I thought it worth noting that I respected Bolland's rather public display of privacy and didn't pester him. It's very likely he's neither jaded nor callous and simply had work to do. It's just frustrating to attend a convention and find one of the guests you were anxious to meet to be consistently unavailable. For example, I've attended a number of HeroesCon events where Bill Sienkiewicz was a guest and have yet to even lay eyes on the man.)

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