Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pop Art: Aquaman (original page)

I've had the chance over the years to buy original comicbook pages, but almost always pass. Above is the only page I own because, at $5, it was simply to cheap to pass up. It's page 11 of issue 15 of the Peter David run of Aquaman. Drawn by Jim Calafiore, it shows Atlantis (well, Poseidonis) rising from the ocean floor. It also has notes from Calafiore on the colors of the various fish in the panels. Technically, Calafiore was a permanent fill-in artist on the series and backed up Marty Edgeland's work as the regular penciler. As much as I liked Edgeland, I was never disappointed by Calafiore's work.

Peter David's take on Aquaman remains my favorite and I recommend to all F.O.A.M.ers unfamiliar with it to find these back issues immediately. Start with The Atlantis Chronicles, follow with Time and Tide and the move on to the proper Aquaman series.

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