Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Devo Makes Something for Everybody, Eps 1+2

After years in their hermetically sealed bubble of artistic integrity, the new wave group Devo is ready to begin delivering a product that everybody will enjoy -- a reality series.The pilot documents the typically private process of creation and marketing of the Devo brand, in which profound statements on the world we live in mix with the inherent absurdity of modern life. Tune in at every Tuesday and follow this five-episode series starting 6/15, and purchase the album of the same name "Something for Everybody". Pt 1 introduces the band as they shake hands with Warner Bros. Records.

"Continuing on their quest of de-evolution, Devo, Inc.'s COO, Greg Scholl, presents Warner Bros. with an "epic" marking deck, which features his "synergistic trident." The the trident represents the band, the label and the consumer, but there's still a missing link. Enter Mother LA, an ad agency that promises to make Devo more appealing using their "test to learn" approach."

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