Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Music Friday (on Tuesday)

Last week I had an installment of Free Music Friday ready to go, but got cold feet. It was a download link to Devo's Be Stiff EP, which is a pretty damn significant album that — strangely — has never been released on CD. The songs have been released individually on various compilations, though, and I'm hesitant to post illegal downloads. So I archived the post and moved on.

Today, though, I learned that Trent Reznor — the man who once jokingly threatened to postpone a Nine Inch Nails concert because it conflicted with the premiere of the last Star Trek movie — has a new album available as high-quality, DRM free MP3s. His new band is called How to Destroy Angels and is designed to be a departure of sorts from the kinds of music he's obliged to record under the NIN banner. Reznor's wife,  Mariqueen Maandig, is the band's vocalist.

The process to get this download is the same as with the NIN freebie, The Slip. Simply visit howtodestroyangels.com, follow the download link, enter your e-mail and the direct download will be sent to you.

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