Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comicbook beef in S.C.

There aren't very many "blaxpolitation" themed comics in print these days. So who'd have thought that two are currently being published in South Carolina?

I honestly don't know which came first, and I'm not just saying that so that I don't get killed in some dispute between these guys (you know how violent and antisocial comicbook artists can be — those guys are hardcore thugs.) One is titled Rachel Rage and is the work of John Aston and the other is titled World of Hurt, written and drawn by Columbia, S.C.'s Jay Potts. I recommend both of them, which you can read for free at their respective websites.

Last Sunday, at the HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C,, the South Carolina blaxpolitation comicbook beef escalated when Potts drew the sketch you see above — which features Aston's character Rachel Rage proclaiming her love of World of Hurt. I was pretty sure Aston was reaching for that straight razor he keeps in his boot, but the crowd managed to keep the two artists apart (and out of jail.) Which is probably a good thing, because I hear Potts is the kind of guy who would bring a hand grenade to a knife fight. Shit could have got real bad, real quick.

NOTE: I've got a surprising amount of sketches from Aston over the years, and Potts is currently working on a sketch for me of Avery Brooks as Hawk, from the TV show Spencer for Hire (Brooks was the only reason I watched that show.) I'll post it when it arrives.

ANOTHER NOTE: Yes, most of this post is satire.

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  1. "most of this post is satire."

    Yeah, except for that razor in the boot thing. He uses it to trim his split ends, I hear...


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