Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Music: Valentine Wolfe

Valentine Wolfe is a gothic cabaret band from South Carolina, and I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them in the past. It's an unwritten rule that the fewer people in the band, the harder it is to hold and keep an audience's attention (it's no coincidence that Ween ditched the drum machine as fast as they did.) Valentine Wolfe doesn't really have that problem though. Armed with just an electric cello, backing tracks and vocals, they can entertain with the best of them.

They're in the process of recording some new songs, and it's unclear how these final recordings will be made available. Right now, though, they've got two albums available as free downloads at their website: the Five Nocturnes EP and a disc of bonus tracks (which is longer than the EP.)

Get them now ... you never can tell when artists will pull their free downloads from circulation. (And for the record, my favorite tracks on the EP are Broken Pretty Things and Rapunzel. I wouldn't have thought it possible to craft a smart, sexy song out of something like Rapunzel, but there it is.)

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