Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Geekery (Or "A Slow News Day")

After a second viewing of Iron-Man 2 last night, I picked up a Diet Dr. Pepper that had an IM2-related promotion (on a related note, did any of you think you'd ever see Stan Fucking Lee on TV plugging a soda?) The bottle had a code that could be entered online to win something or other (I wasn't really paying attention to the prize list) and ultimately received a free month subscription to Marvel's online comic service.

I was sent an e-mail about the transaction and was encouraged to print it. The result looked like a response to an Area 51-related FOI request. See below.

Also this week I received some marketing materials for G33K4L1F3: business cards, fridge magnets and postcards featuring imagery that might look a little familiar. I've got more than enough to go around, so if you want to receive some stuff in the mail just let me know.

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