Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Funniest apology EVER

Apparently mc chris is in the middle of a spat with Insane Clown Posse over an offhand comment he made about ICP fans. I think the first sentence in his apology is the reason why humanity invented the written word.

violent j called me a bitch for comparing juggalos to the henchmen in arkham asylum. i dont mean to disrespect anyone. but i do have fun and the juggalos at my shows do as well. ive always appreciated their support and been honest about that. im sorry if anyone ever feels disrespected by me...
I'm going to go ahead and take chris' side in this nonsense. You know you're in a weird area where the guy who played MC Pee Pants is the voice of reason in an argument.

Meanwhile, his new album mc chris goes to hell is now available, and he's got a shitload of tour dates scheduled for this year's "Hellraiser Tour." Sadly, it appears he's skipping South Carolina this time out.


  1. If anyone compared my fans (if I had any) to Arkham henchmen, I'd be thrilled shitless.

    Oh, and fuck ICP. Half-assed kabuki theatre looking bitches...

  2. Really? It's not particularly funny at all, especially since he doesn't go on to rip juggalos even more, which of course would be the only sane response.

  3. Seriously John ... why do you hang out here?

  4. John: Stop posting inane shit or I'll come to your house and fuck start your head.

    The Hypno-Pimp


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