Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ugh ... criticism

The older I get, the fewer comic books I read.

I probably read more today than ever before, but I find myself buying fewer and fewer of the traditional "pamphlet" magazines. On the best day they're expensive and uneven, with most story arcs stretching between four and six months. That's a long time to wait to read a complete story, especially considering how quickly you can read a comic.

Consequently, I buy a lot of trades and give a lot of monthly titles a miss. And if for some reason I don't buy the TPB, then I guess I didn't really want it that badly to begin with.

This week I made the decision to deliberately skip monthly books that are sure to get s TPB release, with a few exceptions. I've been reading Daredevil on a monthly basis for so long that I'm a little hesitant — even superstitious – about breaking that streak. The same goes for Batman, Detective Comics and New Avengers.

As for the rest ... well, there are no certainties in life when you're name is Aquaman or Green Arrow. It's just common sense not to expect their stories to be collected in TPB (but Green Arrow's popularity on the secondary market has been a pleasant surprise.) And look how long it's taken DC to collect Sandman Mystery Theater ... I never thought that would happen.

Which leaves me with a lot of graphic novels to read; collected, complete and finite tales that live outside the endless boundaries of the monthly format. I've been getting caught up on some books — some old, others not — and thought I'd write about them here. I've already mentioned Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness (which you can read here) and plan to review Odysseus the Rebel, Godland Vol. 1 and Grendel: Devil by the Deed during the next week or so. I also want to say a little about Melissa Auf Der Maur's Out of Our Minds album, too.

So, expect a fair amount of criticism at this site in the near future. And try not to hold it against me ... because I'm always right, even when I'm wrong.

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