Monday, May 24, 2010

He-Man Shakes His Ass
at Warrior Dash

Yep. That's a video of He-Man dancing to Wooly Bully.

I spent most of the weekend in Mountain City, Ga., "participating" in the southeast Warrior Dash event. And by "participating" I mean I spent most of my time sitting on my ass, drinking heavily or some combination of the two. All that running around is for crazy folk. Below are a few photos and videos I took at the event.

Warrior Dash brought out creative-minded weirdos with athletic tendencies. Saturday afternoon, after thousands of men and women took part in a 3+ mile obstacle course, a costume contest was held that included the Hulk, Thor, Quail Man, Pac-Man (as well as Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde,) Jesus and ... a few concepts best not explained. Here's a video of the event ... it runs about 10 minutes:

Spoiler Alert: The winner was Jesus. The moral of this story? Don't fuck with the Jesus.

And the moral of this story? Don't turn your back on Thor.

Your humble editor, flanked by the Valkyries of the Blogosphere. Most bloggers only see them moments before Blogspot pulls the plug on their site for violating the terms of service.

Cute, not to mention a little scary.

Consider this photo both raped and pillaged.

The Warrior Dash finish line. No shit.

The End.


  1. Awesome pictures and video!! I ran in the 2:00 wave and drank the afternoon away after that. What a blast.

  2. Creep, Thou art the fuckin' man. My apologies about the Venetian Sausage, but as the mortals say "Verily, The Odinson gotta eat!"


  3. Hey, I know this sounds weird. But the girl you have pictured jumping over the fire is one of my friends and she was running right behind me. Do you think you happened to catch a picture of me jumping over the fire as well (Bib # 48738)? If so, could you email me a copy of the picture? I would be so grateful! THANK YOU!

  4. Just looked at the pics ... sorry, that was the first photo I took at the finish line. I must have missed you by a few seconds.

  5. Hey man thanks for the video of me Dancing...LOL What a great time Warrior Dash. Let's just say, HE-MAN will be back for more next year new dance moves. Peace!


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