Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rocky Horror Blog: Part 3

Not much new to report about the upcoming Rocky Horror screening I'm attending. A few problems here and there, most of which are related to finding a skullet wig to fit my huge head.

In the meantime, enjoy this story from a 1981 issue of Starburst magazine, a publication of Marvel UK. I had seen a few Rocky Horror notices here and there by 1981, but most of that was limited to the movie poster or newspaper ads. It wasn't until this Starburst story that I got my first real look at the film. I was confused, but intrigued. It had the word "horror" in the title, but the photos with the story didn't look like they came from a horror movie. And what was up with that manly looking woman in the doctor's scrubs?

It was a LONG time before I got my answers.

Below is a scan of the four-page Starburst story. It might not be legible after Photobucket gets done "processing" it, but it's worth a look anyway.

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