Friday, May 14, 2010

Love at First Sight

I'm not what you'd call a motorhead. In fact, I have trouble telling most cars apart, save for the occasional Jeep, Porche or station wagon I see on the road. As long as it runs (and doesn't look too much like Ace and Gary's favorite mode of transportation) I'll drive pretty much anything. Except an El Camino. They suck.

Every once in a while, though, there comes a car that can warm the icy cockles of my heart. I'm pretty sure the two cars you see below slipped me a roofie and had their way with me several times over. I'd press charges but think I'm in love. Don't be like me, kids!

Here's the first, a Punisher-themed dragster in a photo taken at the Union County dragway in South Carolina:

My vehicular dyslexia can be fairly pronounced at times. On a bad day I can spot only two kinds of cars: Batmobiles and Not Batmobiles. I think I know which category the next car falls into.

The second photo was taken at the KDS Motorsports 2010 Season Starter. Both photos are courtesy of Quick 8 Outlaws, a promod group from here in South Carolina. (But the tip came from the ever-lascivious Hypno Pimp.)


  1. Yeah, Rick's gonna kick that ass. He swears that's not the Batmobile, it's a dragon.

    Some people, huh?

  2. Rick might be the first human being to ever accidentally build his own Batmobile.

  3. And for that we shall sing of his awesomeness until the end of time.


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