Thursday, May 20, 2010

Henry & Glenn Forever

You know ... I'm actually kind of speechless. But you know who won't be? Glenn Danzig. Dude has never met a lawsuit he didn't like. Here's how the comic is described by the creators, Igloo Tornado:

"Henry and Glenn Forever is the ridiculous idea born out of a night of too many beers shared by a group of artists who sometimes call themselves Igloo Tornado. On that night Gin Stevens said "There should be a Tom of Finland book, but with Henry and Glenn..." and Tom Neely and Scot Nobles replied: "Yes! And we're going to do it!" This bold idea (or is it a bad idea?) became a small zine that grew into a notorious legend that has now become a nice little book published by Cantankerous Titles!"

I stumbled over this at Time Out New York, which not only as a song from Danzig's new album Deth Red Sabaoth streaming for your pleasure, but linked to a separate LA Weekly  story about Henry and Glenn Forever. This little nugget was buried in the story:

"Allegedly, when Henry Rollins was shown an earlier version of the minicomic, his reaction was to ask if Glenn had seen it yet. Rollins thought Danzig would have been less than amused."

Gee, do you think? James O'Barr once told me Danzig sued him because he thought he based the hero of The Crow on him.

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