Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blogs I Like: Frankensteinia

It's no secret that I love Frankenstein (you guys know that right?) So where else could I hang out besides Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog?

Managed by artist Pierre Fournier, the site tracks just about everything related to Frankenstein and houses an insane amount of data about Frankenstein-related memorabilia. Movies and books are just the tips of the iceberg: Frankensteinia has photos and essays on toys, models, costumes, games and just about every kind of pop culture item you could imagine (and a few you probably can't.)

One of his most recent threads concerns one of my ten favorite movies, The Bride of Frankenstein. In celebration of the movie's 75th anniversary Fournier has been running a series of stories about the film, ranging in topics like vintage marketing materials, to detailed looks at the whimsical "little people" created by the film's Dr. Pretorius.

And (ahem) Frankensteinia was also one of the first sites to send a little traffic toward my band, which has recorded a number of songs about Frankenstein. So I'm admittedly a little biased.

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