Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome Back Haiku UPDATED

What do you get when you add one mostly sleepless night, a Facebook account and a random observation totally devoid of meaning? A series of haiku poetry inspired by Welcome Back Kotter.

Last night I innocently pointed out that you don't see much haiku poetry inspired by Welcome Back Kotter. A couple of folks took this as a challenge. Below is (are?) haiku(s)  that started appearing on my Facebook page late last night.

            Behold Juan Epstein
            Quite possibly the only
            Puerto Rican Jew

            Oooh Barbarino
            70's hair seducing me
            georgious sweathog king

            Of all the Sweat Hogs
            How in the world did Horshack
            Hook Epstein's sister

            Boom Boom Washington
            Despite popular belief
            Never did play the bass 

Please excuse my Juan
UFO, taken was he
signed, Epstein's Mother

They lost Travolta,
Added a redneck sweat hog
This show jumped the shark

Poor Old Gabe Kaplan
No job since the Seventies
Plays poker for food


  1. Not to rain on thy parade, but if I may, a haiku isn't *just* about 5/7/5; the last line needs to either develop or contrast with the first two. I won a Star Trek Online contest when I was trying to illustrate this concept with this one:

    The final frontier
    Just keeps moving further out
    Yet, it is inside

  2. John: Care to contribute to the Welcome Back Kotter theme?

  3. Fuckin' Trekkkies, always trying to suck the fun outta everything.

  4. Trek Haiku poet
    Thinks he's a scifi Basho
    But he's just a punk ass bitch

    Dealing on this guy
    More fun than Kotter haiku?
    How about that shit?

  5. I would, except I've never seen WBK.


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