Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rocky Horror Blog: Part 2

I spent a few minutes last night trying on the various costume components for Riff Raff. The results were decidedly mixed.

The biggest part of the costume — the tuxedo jacket — arrived in the mail yesterday and it impressed upon me the importance of designer clothes: It was a little tight across the back and extremely tight on my arms. Since I'm going to be in the audience (and not part of the main performers on the stage) this isn't a big deal to me.

The skullet cap, on the other hand, might be a serious problem.

I've got a big head, so it wasn't much of a surprise when the wig didn't fit. My (mostly) anonymous partner in crime has two solutions to this problem: the first involves a thin cap that will fit under the skullet wig and hopefully keep the wig in place; the second involves shaving my head. Fortunately for me, solution #2 gets in the way of our Halloween costume plans for later in the year, so my scalp ought to be safe for the time being.

The rest of the costume is pretty much complete. I've got the gloves and shirt, but need a pair of spats to fit over my boots.

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