Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pop Art: What the hell?

Way back in those dark days of 2008 my band had a table at a horror and comics convention in North Carolina. Our first "real" album had just been released, and we'd rushed another free EP to the internet, as well, giving us a lot of material to plug.

Our little corner of the con was a strange place, indeed ... in addition our garage/horror/punk/metal/stoner rock band was a guy plugging his blaxpolitation comic called Rachel Rage, a cheesecake sketch artist, a cheesecake model and two stuntmen who played Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees. It was a fun weekend.

Decorating our morbid little table was a heavy plastic skull I called Moldering Skully (a play on Mulder and Scully, har har.) During the event we passed the skull around to the other artists and whatnot sitting near us and had them doodle on it. Among those to sign it were Vera Von Munster, John Aston, and Chrissie Zullo. The "before and after" shots are below.

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