Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rocky Horror Blog: Part 1

So, I'm going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show next month ...

As anyone within earshot of my voice during the last two can tell you, I think of Rocky Horror as "Geek Mecca." I feel spiritually obliged to attend an audience participation show at least once in my life, or risk being damned to watch re-runs of Charles in Charge for all eternity. The geek god is a vengeful god.

During the next few weeks I'll be posting occasional thoughts on the experience, including the name of the theater I'll be visiting (assuming any of you freaks want to meet up) and photos from the gig. It's my goal to get my partner in crime for this event to share some thoughts about the trip, as well.

First up: the costume. It wasn't difficult settling on a character. I've spent most of my adult life looking like Meat Loaf, so there wasn't much novelty in dressing as Eddie. He's also the universal "I'm Not Gay!" character to dress as, which is kind of sissy.

Is that a contradiction in terms? I don't think it is. Sometimes it takes a real man to wear fishnets and panties. Unfortunately, I'm not that man.

So I opted for my favorite character from the film: Riff Raff. Arriving in the mail sometime during the next week are the first parts of my costume: a tuxedo jacket and a "skullet" wig. Pictures of both items are embedded. Make-up will still be required, so my masculinity remains unchallenged (if that makes any sense.)

I also have a standing offer from someone willing to shave my head for me. And by "willing" I mean "insistent." At the end of the day, though, I suspect that Richard O'Brien would prefer a full head of hair over a clean scalp, so I doubt he'd be too offended if I kept my flowing locks intact.

Now all that's left is to apply some pressure to "Magenta" to get her to talk about her costuming process. I'll make sure all relevant comments find their way to her e-mail.

- The Creep


  1. Sounds awesome! Hope you have a great time!

  2. The good news is that even if you are damned to a Charles in Charge for eternity hell, there is an episode where the kids go see Rocky Horror.


    Watch around 3:57.


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