Monday, February 22, 2010

Wax Paper and Bubblegum

Early last year I came across a great website that I thought I'd share.
I'd been interested in tracking down some of the old non-sport trading cards I'd loved as a kid (as well as a few I'd only heard about.) Naturally, Ebay was my first stop.
Now the prices at Ebay are erratic, to say the least. If you get two people determined to win an item, it can often sell for far more than it's worth. At other times, coincidence can end in an item selling far beneath its true value. Those are the ways of auctions.
I forget what card set I was bidding on, but I eventually got a good deal on something or other from a store that was selling its merchandise at Ebay. And then I found another great deal. Before long, I decided to eliminate the middleman and go straight to their online ".com" store.
You know those trading card sets I've mentioned in previous posts? They came from Marchant Non-Sport Cards in St. Louis. I've managed to get many, many (too many?) sets are cards at amazing prices. My most recent purchase was a sale on a complete set of Star Wars cards from the 1970s ... a set that included the blue, red, yellow, green and orange series. And I paid less than 50 cents per card for a complete set of 330 cards fresh from the wax packs. And I so didn't deserve it.

Anyway, check the store out. They've extended their current sale for a few more days.

(NOTE: The image at the top is taken from the wax wrapper of the original Star Wars Topps series in 1977. It's sized to be used as wallpaper for 1024x768 resolution.)

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