Monday, February 22, 2010

The Punisher: 1989 Score

Here are a couple of links I came across to a really unlikely album: the Dennis Dreith score to the 1989 New World picture The Punisher.

It's pretty unusual for a movie to skip its theatrical release and still get a soundtrack album released. It's even more unusual for that album to be released 20 years after the fact. I think part of this comes from the growing cult following the Dolph Lundgren movie has gained since the advent of DVD.

Helping the argument for the Lundgren film are the subsequent Punisher movies with Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson, which illustrated that the much-less-expensive 1989 film wasn't so bad, after all. While it might not make a great "modern" interpretation of The Punisher, it's fairly reflective of the Carl Potts era of Marvel when the film was made.

You can pick the soundtrack up at Amazon HERE, or buy the DVD (it's cheap!) HERE.


  1. Yeah, no one stares into oblivion with so much emotion as Dolph! Still, one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

  2. You know, the plot to this film is actually pretty good. I just wish they'd had the money to fully bring it to life.


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