Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dark Knight Returns

Buying a statue has always seemed like a risky venture for me. When you put a fragile artifact in the same room with cats and Class-M planet gravity, it's just a matter of time before bad shit happens.
Consequently, I've never bought a statue. And there have been some nice ones over the years.
The little item pictured above, though, might change all of that. It's a statue of Michael Keaton as
Batman as he looked in the 1989 film (before the costume took on that "body armor" look seen in every film after.)
I've always thought of Keaton as the Sean Connery of the silver screen Batmen. While the 1989
Batman has a few rough edges (almost all of which involve the script) it still holds up well as an example of traditional Hollywood adventure tropes. In many ways it's got more in common with movie serials than the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.
I'm not sure when the statue is coming out. I've seen dates ranging from April to October, but it's pretty easy to find via Google.
Now, where's my Clean and Sober statue?

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